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    Havent been on this blog in a while, but since I did my followers have gone up by 500, thanks guys!

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    Anonymous: Your blog is actually wonderfullllllll and all of the gifs you post/reblog are such good quality I love it! Thankyou keep it up I'm in love. Also, do you think you could make a gif of the part in the avengers when Steve is walking up to his new suit and his eyes are super blue and agh that's my favorite part thanks ily

    Awwh thank you!
    I don’t make these gifs I just reblog them - and I honestly have a tiny idea of how to make them, but I’ll try and find that gif for you XD 

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    king-ofthetardis: love the blog! what are your thoughts on iron man 3?

    Thank you!
    And I loved it so much, there was one thing I didn’t understand though.


    When they revealed that the Mandarin guy was an actor, he said they wouldn’t let him near guns etc.

    But when he shot the guy on TV I’m guessing they showed it all to everyone - so was it fake or did he actually kill him and not realise it? 

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    Iron Man 3

    So I’ve just been to see Iron Man 3, send me any asks if you wanna discuss or give an opinion about anything to do with it - I wanna hear them!

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    Anonymous: hi i was just wondering if you have seen iron man 3, i have a question about it but no one seems to be able to answer it..

    its actually not out yet in England, so no I haven’t!
    But I’ll be seeing it soon! 

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    Anonymous: your blog is perfect

    thank you very much!

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